Woden, also known as Odin, was a mythical Norse god in the history of Earth's Human civilizations.


The Being called Zeus claimed to also be Woden. (NF novel: Gods Above)

Odin was king of the Aesir gods. According to myth, Odin traded one of his eyes for wisdom and future knowledge, learning that the Aesir and their nemesis the Frost Giants would destroy each other in a legendary ultimate battle called Ragnarök. (VOY novel: Ragnarok)


The gas giant Odin, which had a giant black spot giving the world the appearance of an eye, was named for him. Its moons Hugin and Munin were named for Odin's two ravens. (TNG novel: Immortal Coil)

In 2369, Data cited Odin as one of a number of warrior gods worshipped by Earth cultures. (TNG novel: Guises of the Mind)

In 2371, Tuvok described Odin and Ragnarok during a potentially similar conflict between Hachai and P'nir. Neelix considered the fate of Odin and his people to be quite depressing. B'Elanna Torres was familiar with Odin and Thor, but not of Ragnarok. (VOY novel: Ragnarok)

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