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Wol (formerly Eral, daughter of B'Ettak) was a female Klingon warrior in the Klingon Defense Force in the late 24th century.

Early Life and Dishonor

Eral was a highborn female, the daughter of Koradan and B'Ettak of the House of Varnak. When she came of age, her parents had Eral betrothed to Vranx of the House of Jorn, in order to forge an alliance between the two Houses. Eral, however, resisted this union, as she had instead fallen in love with Kylor, one of her house servants. When she became pregnant and gave birth to a son later learned to to be Kylor's child, Eral was banished from her house, as her father could not bring himself to kill her (as honor would have dictated). Her lover, however, was executed, and her child taken away and given to be raised by her cousin, Nakob. (GKN novels: A Good Day to Die, Honor Bound; KE novel: A Burning House)

Klingon Defense Force

Without a House, and left alive without honor, Eral changed her name to Wol, and joined the Klingon Defense Force. She trained under a warrior named Skragg, and at the completion of her training, was given her first assignment as a bekk. (KE novel: A Burning House)

Her initial years of service were uneventful, moving from post to post and largely avoiding notice by anyone. This changed during the Dominion War, when Wol was serving under a male named Krantor. They had been charged with securing a Cardassian station at Mempa IX, and Krantor had given orders Wol considered foolish and suicidal. Wol disobeyed these orders and took control of the operation, and the rest of the troops, sharing her opinion of Krantor, stood with her. The operation was a success, and the only casualty was Krantor himself (who was posthumously given credit for the victory). (GKN novel: A Good Day to Die)

IKS Gorkon

In 2376, Bekk Wol was transferred from the IKS Mekbel to the IKS Gorkon. She was assigned by QaS DevwI' Vok to 15th Squad, and promoted to the rank of Leader. (GKN novel: A Good Day to Die)

By 2381, she was a QaS DevwI' herself, but it was not revealed which company she led.(ST novel: A Singular Destiny)


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