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For his grandfather, see Worf, father of Mogh.
This page details Worf in the primary universe; for the Worf in the mirror universe see Worf (mirror); for the Worf in the First Splinter timeline ended by the Devidian temporal apocalypse, see Worf (1ST); for the Worf in all other alternate universes see Worf (alternates).

Worf, son of Mogh, of the House of Martok, (born 2340), also known as Worf Rozhenko, was one of the single most influential people in Klingon and Federation politics of the late 24th century.

This character is a member of Worf's family.
This character is a member of the Rozhenko family.

Worf was directly responsible for the ascension of two Chancellors of the Klingon Empire, Gowron in 2367, and Martok in 2375. Worf was also responsible for the installation of Emperor Kahless in 2369.

The first Klingon in Starfleet, Worf served notable tours of duty aboard the USS Enterprise-D, the USS Defiant, IKS Rotarran, and Starbase Deep Space 9 before being appointed Federation Ambassador to the Klingon Empire in 2375. In 2378, Worf resigned from his ambassadorial post and returned to Starfleet, serving on the USS Enterprise-E as first officer. He was later promoted to the rank of Captain and named commanding officer of the USS Enterprise after the promotion of Jean-Luc Picard to the rank of Admiral. Picard novel: The Last Best Hope)


Early life[]

Worf was born on the Klingon homeworld Qo'noS on May 23, 2340. He was named after his grandfather, General Worf.

His father, Mogh, head of a noble house, was an influential starship captain who served as first officer under K'mpec, and became a friend and ally during K'mpec's career on the Klingon High Council; his mother, Kaasin, was a master of the mok'bara art of combat. He had one younger brother, Kurn.

By the age of six, Worf was already proficient with the bat'leth, a traditional Klingon bladed weapon. When his father and mother were given the task of rooting out a traitor on the outpost on Khitomer, Worf insisted on accompanying them.

Mogh did not find the traitor in time to save the Khitomer outpost from being devastated in a brutal and unprovoked assault from the Romulan Star Empire, in response to false intelligence indicating weapons of mass destruction were being developed on Khitomer. Worf was one of the few survivors of the massacre. His infant brother, Kurn, was left behind on Q'onoS in the care of a family friend and Klingon Imperial Intelligence agent named Lorgh.

The first vessel to respond to the outposts distress call was the Federation starship USS Intrepid. Worf was discovered buried in the rubble of his family's residence by a Starfleet officer named Sergey Rozhenko, and it was determined that he had suffered some brain damage, losing part of his memory. Rozhenko spent much of his off-duty time with Worf, aiding in his recovery. After learning from another survivor, Worf's nursemaid Kahlest, that the boy's life may be in danger if he stayed in the Klingon Empire, Rozhenko convinced his wife Helena that they should adopt the boy. Lorgh used his connections in the Empire to ensure the adoption's legality, and began to raise Kurn himself. (TLE novel: The Art of the Impossible)

The Rozhenkos raised Worf on the farming colony of Gault and on Earth in Russia and the city of Minsk, with their own son Nikolai "Simon" Rozhenko. In his childhood, Worf saved Nikolai from drowning in a river. (TNG - Starfleet Academy novel: Worf's First Adventure; TNG - Shadowheart comics: "My Brother's Keeper", "The Prince of Madness")

Note on two slight discrepancies: 1) Worf's First Adventure gave Worf's brother the first name "Simon," as it was published prior to "Homeward"'s production. 2) The city of Minsk is actually the capital of Belarus, and therefore, not actually a part of Russia. However, the details of the political structure of eastern Europe in the 24th Century are not known. In the My Brother's Keeper, it is unclear if Nikolai was drowning on either Gault or in Russia.

While living on Gault, Worf, alongside his brother Nikolai, was active on the local soccer team, serving as team captain. Worf was often mocked by other players, but was held back by his brother, who defended him.In 2353, during a tense game, a crucial play caused Worf and an opponent named Mikel to leap up and attempt to hit a high-flying ball with their heads. The two impacted, and force of the impact was such that, while Worf did not even feel the hit, Mikel's neck was broken. Mikel died the next day; the tragic accident prompted Worf to become very restrained in his behavior and emotional outbursts for the rest of his life, mindful of Human frailty. (DS9 episode: "Let He Who Is Without Sin..."; TNG - Shadowheart comic: "My Brother's Keeper")

In 2355, when his foster parents arranged for him to stay at his cousins on the Klingon homeworld. He visited the Great Domes of Qo'noS and upon gazing at them, he stated that he felt that he had finally came home even if his cousins didn't want to have anything to do with him.(DS9 episode: "The Sword of Kahless")

Starfleet Academy[]


Cadet Worf in 2357.

In the year 2357, Worf and Nikolai enrolled in Starfleet Academy. Upon arriving at the Academy, a Brikar cadet named Zak Kebron picked a fight with Worf believing that Klingons had no right to join Starfleet. Rather than expel the two students before they could even report to their first classes, the Academy decided to make the pair roommates, forcing them to work out their differences.

Worf soon joined a study group that originally included his brother, cadets Mark McHenry and Tania Tobias of Earth, and Soleta of Vulcan. After Worf and Kebron came to state of mutual understanding and respect (if not actual friendship), Kebron joined the group as well.

When the squad was told that they were going on a training exercise on Prometheus Station, the cadets had no reason to believe that anything was amiss. They unexpectedly came under attack from a Romulan warbird and, suddenly without a commanding officer, were forced to work together to save each other's lives. In the end, however, none of it was real. The real training exercise was not on Prometheus Station, but on an Academy holodeck.

During his time at the academy, Worf's overshadowing behavior to help his brother caused friction between them, especially during fights with other cadets.The experience made Worf's brother realize that Starfleet was not the place for him, and he returned to Russia and eventually Gault. (TNG - Starfleet Academy novel: Worf's First Adventure; TNG - Shadowheart comics: "The Lion and the Lamb", "Dealers in Darkness")

During his time at the academy, other people would give Worf a hard time regarding his heritage. This led his ancestry to become a "sensitive issue." (TNG video game: The Transinium Challenge)



Cadet Worf and K'Ehleyr on Dantar IV.

A few months later, Worf's squad (dubbed the "Dream Team"), were assigned as liaisons to the colony world of Dantar IV, a Federation/Klingon co-venture that was having troubles. Once on Dantar, Worf met a Klingon emissary named K'Ehleyr, to whom he formed an immediate attraction.

When an unknown force attacked the colony, there were not enough evacuation ships for everyone. Worf, his squad, and a squad of Klingons under the command of K'Ehleyr stayed behind so the civilians could escape. Worf and K'Ehleyr worked together and got their respective squads to work together as well. During this time, Worf's attraction to K'Ehleyr grew. (TNG - Starfleet Academy novel: Line of Fire)

After Soleta captured one of their attackers, a Brikar named Baan, Worf would not allow the Klingons to incarcerate Kebron simply because of his ancestry. After rescue came in the form of the USS Repulse, it was revealed to the cadets that the Brikar government had briefly declared war against the Federation.

Worf and K'Ehleyr parted company in the transporter room of the Repulse, and Worf said that he did not believe that the two of them would meet again. K'Ehleyr disagreed. (TNG - Starfleet Academy novel: Survival)

It turned out that K'Ehleyr was correct. The two would meet more than once in the coming years, and engage in a physical relationship. K'Ehleyr hid from Worf the fact that she became pregnant and gave birth to his son, Alexander.

Starfleet officer[]

USS Aldrin[]

Worf served as an ensign aboard the USS Aldrin from the years 2361 to 2364. Also on the Aldrin were "Dream Team" alumni Soleta and Tania Tobias.

In 2363, Worf was a part of an away team on the planet Kalandra Minor that was attacked by Romulans. This was the first time Worf had encountered the race since his parents' deaths all those years ago, and he did not hesitate to use lethal force against those that he encountered. (NF - No Limits short story: "Revelations")


In 2364, Worf transferred to the Federation's new flagship, the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) with the rank of Lieutenant, junior grade under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. (TNG episode: "Encounter at Farpoint") Although he had applied for a position in security, Picard initially appointed Worf bridge watch officer, whose duty would be to fill in where needed on other stations, reasoning that such a role would give Worf important experience for his future career in Starfleet. (TNG novel: The Buried Age)

Worf's life changed quickly aboard the Enterprise. In late 2364, he became the ship's Chief of security after the death of the previous position holder, Lieutenant Tasha Yar. (TNG episodes: "Skin of Evil", "The Child") By 2366, he was given the rank of full Lieutenant. (TNG episode: "Evolution"; WizKids module: Attack Wing)

In 2365, Worf was briefly reunited with K'Ehleyr on her mission to prevent a Klingon sleeper IKS T'Ong from attacking lightly defended Federation colonies. After the mission, Worf and K'Ehleyr parted ways with Worf saying he would not be complete without her. (TNG episode: "The Emissary")

Earlier that same year, Picard learned that Worf carried 14 weapons (mostly hidden) on his person while on duty. (TNG novel: Strike Zone)

In 2366, he was reunited with his brother, Kurn, who was now serving in the Klingon Defense Force. Kurn informed Worf that their father, Mogh, was accused of being the traitor that aided the Romulans at Khitomer all those years ago. Mogh's accuser was Duras, son of Ja'rod. It was later revealed that Ja'rod himself had been the traitor, and that the Klingon High Council was covering up the truth behind Khitomer to protect Duras' politically powerful family, the House of Duras. Worf accepted discommendation to protect the Klingon Empire and prevent a civil war. (TNG episode: "Sins of the Father")

When K'Ehleyr discovered the truth in 2367, she confronted Duras and Duras murdered her, leaving Worf with the young son that he only just discovered that he had. Worf slew Duras under the Klingon Right of Vengeance aboard Duras' ship; only by virtue of the intervention of Captain Picard, then serving as Klingon Arbiter of Succession, was Worf spared a court-martial and dishonorable discharge from Starfleet. (TNG episode: "Reunion")

Worf was then part of the Commander Riker's shuttle crew of the Albert Einstein to Beta Hydros Four to help treat the Zelaznan fever breakout. When the Albert Einstein was sucked into a vortex, Riker was seriously wounded, and Worf was left in charge of the shuttle crew. He then ordered Ensign Crusher to proceed at best speed back to Federation space. Five days later, Worf and the crew came across a structure composed of various ships. Worf was cautious about approaching the structure. When the shuttle got caught in a tractor beam Worf suggested reversing engines, but then had the crew arm themselves. When they were taken aboard, Worf and the crew met a Betazoid man named Darios Appolene. Worf demanded an explanation of the structure and its people.(TNG - The Star Lost comics: "The Flight of the Albert Einstein", "Mourning Star", "Trapped")

Worf was then assigned as a liaison to the nation of Dorossh on Allios IV to look over their history. Unfortunately, after his tour, Worf voluntary allowed himself to be taken prisoner by Worikk and the Dorosshians for supposedly assassinating elder Kalkass. During his time there, Worf was brutally tortured by the Dorosshians even as the Enterprise-D negotiated his release. Worf saw that he was becoming dishonored and that he would be sent to Gre'thor. Worf then attempted to fight his way out but was subdued. Just as he was about to be executed, Worf was saved when Captain Picard and elder Kalkass appeared before his executioners. (TNG - Ghosts (TNG) comics: "Ghosts, Issue 2", "Ghosts, Issue 3", "Ghosts, Issue 5")

While the Enterprise was escorting Captain Morgen to Daa'V to ascend to his new position as king of the planet, Worf was troubled by the presence of some of the Stargazer crew, as the Klingons had a long history of tension with Daa'V and Worf was personally troubled by Idun Asmund, a human raised by Klingons as a 'counter' to Worf's own history. Events occurred to suggest that Idun was attempting to kill Morgen after her sister Gerda had tried the same thing on the Stargazer, but Worf accepted Idun's argument that the methods being used for these murders reflected a lack of honor. Eventually, the true culprit was exposed as Doctor Carter Greyhorse, the former CMO of the Stargazer and Gerda's secret lover. In acknowledgement of the bond he had formed with Worf during the crisis, Morgen invited Worf to join his chosen honor guard on Daa'V after Greyhorse's actions rendered two of Morgen's original choices impractical. (TNG novel: Reunion)

Worf and Kurn were instrumental in the accession to power of Chancellor Gowron, son of M'Rel, over Toral, son of Duras, in the years 2367 and 2368. For their assistance, Gowron restored their family name and gave Kurn a seat on the High Council. He then temporarily resigned his Starfleet commission and joined Gowron's Klingon Defense force as weapons officer aboard the IKS Bortas (TNG episode: "Redemption")

In late 2368, he began a romantic relationship with ship's Counselor Deanna Troi that lasted close to two years. (TNG episodes: "Ethics", "Parallels")

Late in 2368 (stardate 45934.7), Worf was set on the diplomat's path when Picard chose him to handle negotiations in a dispute between Rigelians and Kaylar on the Federation colony of Votar VII. After choosing Ensign Ro Laren to assist him, Worf spoke with the involved parties to little gain and made a failed non-lethal assault on a Kaylar-held dam. Using the early French diplomat Talleyrand as example, Picard suggested Worf try an alternative approach. After uncovering Rigelian duplicity, Worf threatened to abandon them to it and to cut future Federation contracts with the Rigelian group. Administrator Pahtel yielded and both sides returned to negotiations (TNG comic: "A Matter of Dates").

Ro Worf Dracon fight

Worf and Ro fighting the monks

In early-2369 Worf, Geordi and Ro Laren took the shuttlecraft Goddard to receive Starfleet briefings. On their return journey the shuttle was forced to drop out of warp due to solar flare activity and crash-landed on the planet Riat. The shuttle damaged beyond immediate repair and the planet inhospitably cold the away team sought shelter in a nearby Dracon monastery. Unfortunately the order of monks in the monastery had become violent and cannibalistic due to radiation from the solar flares causing a mutation in an algae in their water supply. The team was forced to fight the monks off several times before another shuttle from the Enterprise arrived to rescue them. (TNG - The Space Between comic: "Light of the Day")

In 2369, Worf was instrumental in having the clone of the original Kahless the Unforgettable installed as Emperor of the Klingon Empire. (TNG episode: "Rightful Heir")

In 2370, the Enterprise-D rendezvoused with the Goddard, carrying retired Captain Montgomery Scott. Scott utilized the old logs of the original USS Enterprise and recreated the gravity slingshot that propelled the Bounty 2 back through time, with the Enterprise following. Although they were able to determine the ship was in the late 23rd century, Worf was unable to detect any subspace traffic on any frequency used by the Federation, Klingons, or Romulans. Later, after assuming the Borg were controlling an officer aboard the Alliance vessel they encountered, the Wisdom, Worf and two of his ensigns, Porfirio and Houarner, waited to take the spy into custody. The Borg Queen-controlled Narisian Balitor was able to take a phaser from Porifio, but Worf and Houarner were able to subdue her, allowing the Enterprise to return Captain James T. Kirk to the Nexus and undo this reality. (Star Trek novel: Engines of Destiny)

Later that year, Worf defied orders to report to the bridge when the Enterprise came under attack, instead going straight to Deanna Troi's quarters. Fortunately his instincts were correct and his actions saved Deanna's life, he was reprimanded by Captain Picard for defying orders never the less. Later when Deanna had recovered, he walked in on her and Commander Riker having a pillow fight, dropping the flowers he had bought her in the process, the two were able to reassure Worf they were just acting as friends as Riker departed on a date leaving Worf and Deanna to their romantic evening. (TNG - The Space Between comic: "Strategy")

By the time the Enterprise was lost on the planet Veridian III in 2371, Worf had risen to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. (TNG movie: Star Trek Generations)

Shortly after the destruction of the Enterprise-D, Worf proposed marriage to Deanna, and she accepted. The engagement was short lived. After a harrowing experience involving Romulan known as Sela, Deanna realized that she still had feelings for her first love, Commander William T. Riker, while Worf concluded that he was emotionally unsuitable as a long-term partner for Deanna. The two broke off their relationship, but remained friends. (TNG novel: Imzadi II)

Deep Space 9 and the Defiant[]


Worf faces the Klingon attack.

After the destruction of the Enterprise and his break-up with Deanna, Worf took a leave of absence from Starfleet and traveled to the Klingon monastery on Boreth. It was there that he received his orders to report to Starbase Deep Space 9 in the Bajor sector in early 2372. Klingon Chancellor Gowron had amassed a large fleet of ships for reasons unknown, and the station's commander, Captain Benjamin Sisko, had requested Worf's assistance in discovering the truth behind the Klingons' paranoia and to talk sense into them.

When Worf discovered that the Klingons were planning on attacking Cardassia, Worf relayed this information to Sisko. Gowron was willing to forgive Worf for this, but only if he accompanied Gowron for the assault on Cardassia. When Worf refused, Gowron stripped his family of land and title, effectively restoring his state of discommendation.

Sisko offered Worf the position of station's strategic operations officer, coordinating Federation assets throughout the bustling Bajor sector, as well as the position of first officer of the USS Defiant -- a switch to the command track. Worf accepted. (DS9 episode & novelization: The Way of the Warrior; ST reference: Star Trek 101).

Following a time-travel mission to DS K-7 in 2268, Worf then participated in removing DS9's tribbles using a phaser rifle. (DS9 episode & novelization: Trials and Tribble-ations, DS9 comic: "Nobody Knows the Tribbles I've Seen")

Worf served in those positions for four years, throughout the Dominion War. He also commanded the Defiant during the Second Borg incursion where the Defiant was almost destroyed but still salvageable. (TNG movie, novelization & comic adaptation: Star Trek: First Contact)

Worf helped rescue General Martok, son of Urthog, who had been replaced by a Founder, from a Dominion internment camp in 2373. The two became fast friends, and Worf eventually underwent a ritual making himself Martok's brother by blood and a member of the House of Martok.

He briefly commanded his son Alexander, who had joined the Defense Force, when Worf was temporarily attached to General Martok's vessel, the IKS Rotarran. In early 2374, Worf married Starfleet Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax, a Joined Trill; the union lasted until her untimely death in late in December of that year. During the war, Worf and Jadzia served together on an important mission to extract a Cardassian defector; when Jadzia's life was endangered, Worf chose to save her instead of the defector, earning a major reprimand/permanent demerit due to "dereliction of duty". It was Captain Sisko's opinion the reprimand might prevent Worf from ever earning command of his own ship, but that as a man Sisko could not fault Worf for rescuing his wife. On stardate 51604, a disciplinary note was entered into Worf's record, stating that he was therefore "ineligible for any further promotion or any permanent command position." (DS9 episodes: "You Are Cordially Invited", "Change of Heart", "Tears of the Prophets", ST video game: Starship Creator, ST website:

Ambassador Worf[]

Towards the end of the war, Worf was instrumental in the installation of Martok as the new Klingon Chancellor, after Gowron's dishonorable actions caused the deaths of many Klingon warriors. Gowron had taken personal command of Defense Force assets on the front lines, and was purposefully launching suicidal and wasteful attacks in an attempt to discredit the popular Martok, whom Gowron had come to see as a threat to his power base. Worf challenged Gowron to a duel for his actions and killed him; Worf then had the right to become Chancellor himself, but instead chose to bestow the office upon Martok.

After the war was over in late 2375, Martok 'thanked' Worf by requesting that he be named as the new Federation Ambassador to the Klingon Empire. Worf had lived in between the two societies for his entire life. He was responsible for the installation of the last two Chancellors and an Emperor. Furthermore, both K'Ehleyr and Jadzia's previous host, Curzon Dax, had held the position. He was the perfect choice. (DS9 episode & novelization: What You Leave Behind)

Before Worf could take on the position, he had to assist Martok in securing his position as Chancellor. A coup engineered by the Klingons Morjod and Gothmara destroyed the Great Hall and threw Qo'noS into chaos in early 2376. It was only when Ezri Dax brought the legendary Sword of Kahless into Martok's possession that Martok's position was solidified. (DS9 - The Left Hand of Destiny novels: Book One, Book Two)

Worf's first assignment as Ambassador brought him to the world of taD, Klingon for "frozen," to settle a dispute between the indigenous population, who had appealed for recognition from the Federation after overthrowing the local Klingon government, and the Empire, who wished to have taD back under their own control.



With the assistance of his new attache, Giancarlo Wu, and the crew of the IKS Gorkon Worf, adapting to the needs of his new post, came up with a solution that pleased all parties and avoided bloodshed, installing a Klingon engineer from the Gorkon crew as a ceremonial emperor while granting practical autonomy to the populace. His new career was off to a good start. (TNG novel: Diplomatic Implausibility)

Following the discovery of a Tholian attack on a Klingon colony in 2268, Worf oversaw the first peace talks between the Tholian Assembly and the Klingon Empire. (SCE eBook: Foundations, Book Three)

Worf's time as ambassador was shortlived. During the time post-war, Worf's duties as ambassador slowed to managerial and Targ Hunts. While awaiting the arrival of a liaison to Andor for a suitable punishment for an altercation, he was confronted by Ezri Dax. As it turns out, the day she approached him was the day that Jadiza had perished and Worf was acting strange. Through her role as psychologist, she gets Worf to admit that he only took up the position of ambassador to run away from his lingering feelings of Jadiza within Erzi. Ultimately, after rebuking the liaison, Worf decided to return to Federation space, intending on contacting both Martok and Picard. (Waypoint 2019 Special)

During 2376, Worf was given temporary command of the Defiant-class USS Avenger, at first to protect the Ba'ku and later to stop Sela in assisting Toral. (ST video game: Armada)

The Wardens[]

Also in 2377 Worf was one of the many victims of the Wardens plot to take over the galaxy. Whilst the Klingon High Council, under Warden control, prepared to go to war with the Federation, the Wardens kidnapped Worf in an effort to prevent him from defusing the situation. Fortunately, the crew of the USS Incursion were at hand and promptly rescued Worf from captivity, delivering him to the Council chambers where he quickly moved to dissuade Chancellor Martok from launching the planned attack. (ST video game: Away Team)

Back with Starfleet[]

When Captain Benjamin Sisko and the crew of the USS Theseus witnessed the death of numerous Crystalline Entities, they detected a particle trace found only at Sarkadesh, a planet deep in Klingon space. They traveled to Qo'noS to ask permission to visit said planet, but their request was denied. Seeing no other alternative, Sisko disobeyed the Emperor and went there anyway, asking that Worf would accompany him. While Sisko and an away team beamed up to the planet, Worf was left in charge of the bridge, having to handle a horde of Klingon ships that had been sent to arrest them. Thanks to his cunning, Worf was able to avoid any casualties, and, upon the Captain's return, he decided to resign from his post as ambassador and officially rejoin Starfleet. (ST - Godshock comic: "Part 2")


After serving as the Captain of the Enterprise for many years, Captain Picard was promoted to the rank of Admiral in order to lead the mission to assist the Romulans in evacuating their home system. After his own promotion Picard suggested that Worf be promoted to Captain and given command of the Enterprise. Some in Starfleet objected due to Worf's reprimand for his actions on Soukara many years ago, but Picard argued that the experience had made Worf a better officer and that his service since then had been exemplary. Starfleet agreed with Picard, and promoted Worf to Captain right after Picard's promotion. (Picard novel: The Last Best Hope)

Path to the 25th century[]

After leaving Starfleet and returning to the Klingon homeworld, in 2385 Worf began a relationship with Grilka. The next year, he married Grilka. (ST website: The Path to 2409)

In 2387, Worf accepted a provisional commission in the Klingon Defense Force, and was eventually granted the rank of general. He led a task force to stop Nero's quest for vengeance following the destruction of Romulus. The task force was quickly overwhelmed and Nero demanded that Worf deliver himself as a captive. Worf agreed, but uses the surrender as cover to lead an EVA mission onto Nero's vessel. The Klingons met with initial success, while Worf made his way to the command center to find Nero. Worf rejected Nero's attempts to persuade him, and was impaled by the vessel's Borg-enhanced mechanisms. Alive but only tenuously, Worf was beamed to the Enterprise as part of a ploy to lower the Starfleet vessel's shields, and was immediately transported to sickbay. (TNG comic: "Countdown, Number Four")

It took some time for Worf to fully recover from the wounds received onboard the Narada. On stardate 65548.43, Grilka gave birth to Worf's second child, a boy named K'Dhan. (ST website: The Path to 2409)


Worf, circa 2409.

Sometime prior to 2401, Worf again became a Federation Ambassador to the Klingon Empire. In that year, he was among a number of retired and current Starfleet officers who urged the Federation Council to reconsider their position on the Klingon-Gorn War. These veterans argued that the UFP should join the Klingons in fighting the Undine, but the Council was not swayed. After the session closed, Worf resigned his position and returned to Qo'noS for the final time, saying that he could no longer serve a regime who would willingly endanger its people and that he must follow the path of honor. (ST website: The Path to 2409)

In 2409, Worf was often found in the First City, seeing to the business of the House of Martok and assisting young warriors. Later, he traveled to New Romulus to act as a liaison between Klingon and Federation forces assisting the Romulan Republic with the activation of an Iconian gateway discovered there. (STO missions: "Friend or Foe", "Bringing Down the House", "Sphere of Influence")

In 2410, after the defeat of an Undine planet killer over Qo'noS by a joint Federation/Klingon/Romulan fleet, Worf was present for the signing of the armistice that ended the Federation-Klingon War of 2405-2410. (STO mission: "Surface Tension")

Alternate realities[]

A major tangent of the prime timeline was created in 2373. Called the First Splinter timeline, this alternate reality's Worf was an influential player in Federation politics and also the battle to stop the Devidian temporal apocalypse. (Coda)

Other alternate realities[]

In an alternate timeline created when the USS Enterprise-C was accidentally sent through a temporal rift from 2344 to 2366, the Federation had been at war with the Klingon Empire for almost 20 years as the Enterprise-C's disappearance resulted in the destruction of the Klingon colony Narendra III. In this timeline, Worf was not a member of the Enterprise crew. The positions of tactical officer and security chief were held by Lieutenant Tasha Yar in 2366. (TNG episode: "Yesterday's Enterprise")

In an anti-time future experienced by Jean-Luc Picard, Worf was the governor of the H'atoria colony in 2395. He held great antipathy for Admiral William T. Riker in that timeline, stemming from the death of Deanna Troi in 2375. (TNG episode & novelization: All Good Things...)

In another alternate timeline, Worf was serving as Chancellor of the Klingon Empire in 2402. (TNG short story: "Staying the Course")

In another alternate timeline in which Captain Sisko became trapped in a subspace field in 2372, Worf was an influential member of the Klingon High Council in 2422. (DS9 episode: "The Visitor")

In another alternate timeline created by the USS Defiant being sent back in time to the 22nd century, the ship's crew, including Worf, settled on Gaia IV. He and Jadzia eventually married and had several children. By 2373, they had numerous descendants, including Yedrin Dax, Brota and Lisa. (DS9 episode: "Children of Time")

In another alternate timeline, Worf was murdered in the Klingon High Council chamber in 2410 in front of his son Alexander Rozhenko. (TNG episode: "Firstborn")

In another alternate timeline in which Doctor Noonien Soong's dream of widespread acceptance of artificial life in the form of Soong-type androids was realised, Worf transferred from the Enterprise-D to Deep Space 9 in 2372. (TNG - Myriad Universes novel: Brave New World)

Commander Worf

Commander Worf in an alternate reality.

While returning from a bat'leth tournament on Forcas III in 2370, Worf's shuttle, the Curie, encountered a quantum fissure and its warp engines caused a rupture in the barrier which separated one quantum reality from another. Consequently, Worf began switching places with his counterparts in different alternate realities.

In one of these realities, Worf only achieved ninth place in the bat'leth competition while, in another, he was unable to attend and his younger brother Kurn participated in his stead.

In two realities, Worf was married to Deanna Troi. In one of these, they had two young children, Eric-Christopher Rozhenko (born 2367) and Shannara Rozhenko (born 2368), while his son Alexander Rozhenko had never been born. In the latter reality, he was a commander and the first officer of the USS Enterprise-D, which was under the command of Captain William T. Riker as Jean-Luc Picard had been killed during the Borg Incursion of 2366-2367.

Multiple Worfs

Multiple Worfs from different alternate realities

In another reality in which the Borg Collective had succeeded in conquering the Federation and much of the Alpha Quadrant by 2370, the Enterprise, under Riker's command, was one of the last surviving ships. Along with Riker, Worf was one of its few remaining crewmembers. After it became one of the approximately 285,000 different Enterprises to be sent to the same reality, Worf was killed when the Borg-infested Enterprise was accidentally destroyed by the Enterprise indigenous to that reality. (TNG episode: "Parallels")

In another reality, Worf was the Federation Ambassador to the Klingon Empire in 2380. By this time, he and Deanna were married and lived on Qo'noS.

In another reality, Worf was a general in the Klingon Defense Force. Prior to 2380, he had captured the United Earth Space Probe Agency vessel Enterprise for the Klingon Empire and renamed it the IKS Qu'. He executed the entire crew with the exception of Captain Picard, who became a slave and was kept in shackles on the ship's bridge. After the Qu' arrived in the primary universe, he opened fire on the Enterprise indigenous to that reality.

In another reality, Worf was the captain of the USS Enterprise-E in 2380. He referred to himself as "Worf Rozhenko" and spoke an ancient Klingon dialect. (TNG novel: Q & A)

Worf (ar)

Chancellor Worf of the Klingon colony of Earth.

In the alternate reality created by Nero and a future in which Q brought the USS Enterprise a hundred years into the future, Worf was Chancellor of the Klingon colony of Earth in the 24th century. Worf was then introduced to Captain James T. Kirk. However, Worf was then killed by his brother Kurn and his guards, who revealed themselves to be Changeling infiltrators. (TOS - The Q Gambit comics: "Part 2", "Part 3")


One of Worf's interests/hobbies was poetry reading. Another interest of the Klingon's was Parisi Squares. His other interests included the Mok'bara martial arts, Klingon opera (his favorite singer being traditionalist Barak'karan), culture and mythology and building models of Klingon sailing-ships. Worf liked to command in the Battle of Tong Vey holographic program. (TNG video game: Echoes from the Past, ST video game: Starship Creator, ST website:

Worf's service record[]

allegiance location assignment dates rank or rate assignment insignia rank insignia
Federation emblem. Starfleet insignia. Starfleet Academy student officer 2357 cadet Uniform badge. Uniform collar.
USS Repulse
Dantar IV
Starfleet Academy
2357-2361 Uniform collar.
Uniform collar.
Uniform collar.
USS Aldrin junior officer 2361-2364 ensign Uniform collar.
USS Enterprise-D 2364 lieutenant junior grade Uniform collar.
acting security chief / tactical officer
security chief / tactical officer 2365 Uniform collar.
2366-2367 lieutenant Uniform collar.
Klingon emblem. IKS Hegh'ta tactical officer 2367-2368 Klingon emblem. Uniform insignia.
Federation emblem. Starfleet insignia. USS Enterprise-D security chief / tactical officer 2368-2371 Uniform badge. Uniform collar.
Uniform badge.
2371 lieutenant commander Uniform collar.
Deep Space 9/USS Defiant strategic operations officer / Defiant first officer 2372-2373 Uniform collar.
2373-2373 Uniform collar.
USS Enterprise-E temporary assignment 2373
Deep Space 9/USS Defiant strategic operations officer / First Officer USS Defiant 2374-2375
Federation emblem. Qo'noS Federation Ambassador to the Klingon Empire (2375-2379)
Federation emblem. Starfleet insignia. USS Enterprise-E tactical officer 2379-2380 lieutenant commander Uniform badge. Uniform collar.
first officer 2380 onward commander Uniform collar.
Klingon emblem. flag officer 2387 general Klingon emblem. Uniform insignia.



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