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Sisko sends Kira on a vacation to the Gamma Quadrant planet Zaria V.


Benjamin Sisko and Kira Nerys are in the midst of negotiations with Dukat. When Kira is unable to control her temper, Sisko sends her on a working vacation to the Gamma Quadrant planet Zaria V.

The Zarians are hoping to open up their world to the Alpha Quadrant as a resort world, and Kira is to visit the world on behalf of the Federation. Also interested is the Wolf Oligarchy, who send two representatives. Kira is not looking forward to the mission.

When Kira arrives, she notices that some Zarians are servants. An annual event is to take place soon: the Negotiation. This is a fight between a representative of the ruling administrative class and the servant class; whoever wins, their class dominates the other. The servant class has never won. Kira sees the poor treatment of the the servant class and resolves to help them.

Kira starts to train the Zarian servant competitor in marshal fighting techniques, but when his training goes poorly, Kira takes his place in the Negotiation and wins. The contract suppressing the servant class is revoked.

Kira returns to DS9, where Sisko tells Kira she has broken the Prime Directive by helping the Zarian servant class. Kira defends her actions: she did what she felt was the right action to take.



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  • Working Vacation was reprinted in 1994 by Boxtree and in 2018 by IDW/Eaglemoss.


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