The World Heart was an ancient artifact created by the Iconian species countless thousands of years ago. It contains all information about the Iconian race, such as genetic information from all species of their homeworld and their colony worlds and all the species' culture, history and philosophy.

The 200,000 years[edit | edit source]

Thousands of years ago, the Iconian Empire was attacked by an alliance of rebelling races, resulting in their homeworld's orbital bombardment. During the first moments of the invasion, a group of time travelers arrived in Iconia 2 hours before the orbital bombardment. With their assistance, twelve Iconians were able to retrieve the World Heart and reach a gateway, intending to escape to Dewa III. As the Iconians cross the portal, however, one of these travelers betrayed them, killing two Iconians and crippling another one. To avenge that treachery, one of the Iconians swore that would extinguish the traitor's race, but not before the same stole the World Heart. This traitor was nobody else than former Empress Sela of the Romulan Star Empire. Realizing that her actions were the true cause for the destruction of her homeworld, she takes the World Heart back to their present time, so they can return the artifact to their owners.

As the travelers return to their own time, in the middle of the decisive battle, they hail the Iconian flagship and return the World Heart. Realizing that these travelers were actually the Others, the ones who saved them in their darkest hour, the Iconian stand down, thus ending the war. The World Heart was brought to Iconia where the Iconians would begin the reconstruction of their once peaceful and mighty civilization. (STO mission: "Midnight")

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