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After an engagement with the Japanese that leaves his sister ship the Hornet destroyed, Captain Hardison of the USS Enterprise is informed a Japanese prisoner is asking to see him by name. The man is Luke Suzuki, a Japanese-American childhood friend who Hardison convinced to join the Japanese undercover and who has been feeding the United States information. However, since learning his family are in an internment camp, Suzuki has switched allegiances. He asks Hardison to have them released but Hardison refuses, knowing the only way to free all the families is to win the war. He lets Suzuki go free, despite uncertainty about his loyalties.



CrockerJohn CrommelinJack GriffinOsborne B. HardisonRoy KinesLuke SuzukiWhaley
Referenced only 
Jack BennyBing CrosbyJim DanielsWilliam Halsey Jr.HirohitoAdolf HitlerThomas C. KinkaidRobin LindseyBenito MussoliniSouzaKuniko SuzukiRicky SuzukiThomas (Lieutenant Commander)Swede Vejtasa


Pacific Ocean (South Pacific)
Referenced only 
AlabamaArizonaGuadalcanalHenderson FieldMidway AtollOkinawaPearl HarborPhilippinesSan DiegoSanta CruzSeattleTokyoWake Island


USS Enterprise (CV-6) (Yorktown class aircraft carrier)
Referenced only 
USS Hornet (CV-8)USS Smith (DD-378)


Referenced only 
TBF AvengerSBD DauntlessF4F Wildcat

Races and cultures[]

Human (AmericanGermanJapaneseJewishNegro)

States and organizations[]

United States of AmericaUnited States Department of WarUnited States Marine CorpsUnited States NavyEmpire of Japan
Referenced only 
Office of Naval Intelligence

Technology and weapons[]


Ranks and titles[]

admiralcaptaincommandercommanding officerensignLanding Signal Officerlieutenantlieutenant commanderpetty officerRadar Officer

Other references[]

194219431945birdbridgecatChattanooga Choo Choocigarettecockpitcoffeedogfarmfishgeneral quartersGodhairIn the MoodJunekamikazeLucky StrikeMaymoonOctoberplanetprayerPresbyterianismready roomspysunwhaleWorld War II


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