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  • Captain's log, Stardate 7521.4 
    The Enterprise has traveled to an isolated, previously unexplored world M-class world on the galactic frontier, a world about to be hit by a twenty-mile-long asteroid.
    Our long -range scanners detected this rare cosmic event taking place, and we have come to observe and record it. A similar incident is believed to have occured on Earth, millions of years ago...
    ... Causing sweeping geological and ecological changes that ultimately caused the total extinction of the dinosaurs.
  • Captain's log, supplemental 
    We continue to monitor the upcoming cataclysm on this new world--
    -- and Doctor McCoy continues to voice his opposition to our non-interference.



Pavel ChekovAmanda GraysonJames T. KirkLeonard McCoyOmalSaavikSarekSpockNyota UhuraT'Pris
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EarthVulcanSan FranciscoVulcan Embassy
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Miramanee's world

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USS Enterprise (Enterprise-subclass refit Constitution-class heavy cruiser)



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