Wrigley's Pleasure Planet (or Rigleigh's Pleasure World) was a famed recreational destination in Federation space, considered along with Risa as "one of the most popular vacation spots in the Alpha Quadrant." (TLE novel: The Art of the Impossible; SCE eBook: The Future Begins, ENT novel: Rosetta, DS9 eBook: Lust's Latinum Lost (and Found))


Wrigley's Pleasure Planet was established in the early 2260s (reference stardate 2/02) by an interstellar cartel of entertainment directors. They purchased a stray asteroid in the Sol system, near planet Mars, had its interior hollowed out, and built the center inside. Included in its many facilities are parks and special theme centers, which reflect a wide-range of entertainments and diversions. (FASA RPG module: The Federation)

Alternately, both "All Those Years Ago..." and "The Survival Equation" portray Wrigley's as an actual planet with a purple atmosphere. Likewise, Lust's Latinum Lost (and Found) describes it as a planet with seas and islands. Neither are consistent with the FASA idea of a hollowed out asteroid.

One founding purchaser was Horatio Wrigley, who was rumored to have died there following an extended stay. (TNG - Double Helix novel: Double or Nothing)

Wrigley was its proprietor in the 2260s. He stated then that his family had been running the planet for five generations. (TOS - New Visions comic: "The Survival Equation")

These sources vary regarding the age of the world. Varying dates may be exaggerations or based on rumor. It was also possible that the business had operated for generations elsewhere but was established at its current location in the 2260s. If Wrigley's comment is to be taken more literally, that would imply the Pleasure Planet was founded sometime around the 2110s, which fits with it already existing in the 2150s, as per Rosetta.


Commander Gary Mitchell was on shore leave at Wrigley's in 2264 when he received new orders reassigning him to the USS Enterprise. (TOS comic: "All Those Years Ago...")

During a mission to M-113 in 2266, Crewman Scott Darnell mistook Nancy Crater for resembling a girl that he met on Wrigley's Pleasure Planet. However, this was a telepathic illusion that were created by the M-113 creature, and with this illusion the creature was able to entice Darnell so that it could kill him. (TOS episode & Star Trek 1 novelization: The Man Trap)

In the 2260s, the USS Enterprise orbited Wrigley's Pleasure Planet for shore leave. Captain James T. Kirk was shocked to discover the android Andrea serving as a hostess, since when he last saw her in 2266 she had been disintegrated by Roger Korby. When confronted, proprietor Wrigley confessed that he had purchased 16 of the Andrea androids, with more on order, from someone who turned out to be Harry Mudd. (TOS - New Visions comic: "The Survival Equation")

In 2373, Leonard McCoy's 146th birthday party was held on Wrigley's Pleasure Planet, with Spock in attendance. (TOS novel: Avenger)

In 2375, Mackenzie Calhoun and Lodec walked through the streets of Wrigley's Pleasure Planet to rendezvous with Gerrid Thul and Vara Syndra in a private suite. At that time, Calhoun noted that Wrigley's was one of the few places in the galaxy where spotlights could be seen from orbit. Eventually Thul took them to a cloaked Dyson sphere, where Calhoun met up with a disguised Jean-Luc Picard. The Starfleet captains were investigating the source of several deadly epidemics. (TNG - Double Helix novel: Double or Nothing)

In 2381, Deneva native Augustus Betances went to Wrigley's following a fight with his wife. While he was there, the Borg attacked and destroyed Deneva, killing his wife and daughter. (ST novel: A Singular Destiny)

By the late 24th century, Wrigley Pleasure Planet's had somewhat fallen from grace, as worlds like Risa overtook its popularity. However, in the years following the Borg Invasion of 2381 and the loss of Risa, Wrigley's reclaimed its former status as a premiere entertainment venue and vacation spot in the quadrant. (DS9 eBook: Lust's Latinum Lost (and Found))

In 2385, Quark and Shmenge traveled to Wrigley's Pleasure Planet to speak to Ardon Broht about Vulcan Love Slave. Holo-Palooza was being held there. (DS9 eBook: Lust's Latinum Lost (and Found))

In an alternate timeline, T'Pol compared the casual atmosphere of the Berkeley University campus to a resort on Wrigley's Pleasure Planet. (Star Trek: Myriad Universes novel: A Less Perfect Union)




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