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Wu was a Human woman, the chief medical officer of the USS Venture in the 2270s.

Wu had a deceptively young appearance, having stated that she could be twice as old as Leonard McCoy.


In February 2274, during a layover at the Hus-24 drydock, Wu was introduced to USS Enterprise officers James T. Kirk, Spock, Leonard McCoy and Montgomery Scott at a senior officers' dinner aboard the Venture. She was joined by fellow officers Captain Morgan Avery, Hathoz, and Kraus, all of whom wore dress uniforms. During the layover, Wu spent much of her time with McCoy.

After the drydock work was completed, Husians commandeered both starships and gassed the crews. Male and female personnel were separated, with Wu and Avery forced to work in grain fields along with the female personnel from the Enterprise. Wu was near Avery when the captain first considered sparking a fire, and not far behind her and Nyota Uhura when they used the blaze to make their escape. During their battle with Husians, Wu helped push a massive boulder down a cliff. (TOS comic: "Husian Gambit")


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