Kommandant Ghud, former leader of Wyath

Wyath was a planet which went through a period of great unrest under the control of Kommandant Ghud. Wyath was not a member of the Federation.

Kommandant Ghud was once an engineer on Wyath, he reconfigured the world's planetary sensor array, resulting in the Wyath becoming a hub for interstellar transport. He later rose to become the leader of Wyath where he used the sensor array once more, to track down and execute his political adversaries.

Ghud's polices as leader of Wyath resulted in the deaths of forty-seven million of his people and the destruction of the planet's ecology for his personal profit. He eventually fled Wyath to begin a life in exile, leaving his people to fall into civil war.

Ghud was later captured and returned to Wyath to face trial for his crimes.

Wyath's system of law was very specific about time, if the accused were as little as a minute late arriving the charges could be dropped. (TNG comic: "Light of the Day")

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