This article is about an experimental hyperwarp starship. You may be looking for the X-1 seen in the Star Trek Game.



X-1 was one of five prototype starships used to test hyperwarp propulsion in the 2260s. X-1 consisted of a saucer-shaped primary hull three to five decks high and two cylindrical, tapered warp engines attached at either side of the saucer. It had a smooth hull that appeared to be no more than 60 meters wide.

X-1 was lost with all hands in 2267.

Service historyEdit

By 2267, X-1 and four others of the same starship class had been equipped with hyperwarp capabilities by Starfleet.

In 2267, X-1 and its sister ships disappeared in the Gamma Canaris region when they accelerated to 2,200 times light speed, which at that time was warp factor 13. The USS Enterprise was assigned to track down the missing vessels. Captain James T. Kirk enlisted the help of famed warp drive inventor Zephram Cochrane, who lived on nearby Gamma Canaris N. Cochrane's non-corporeal lover The Companion sneaked the Enterprise through a tear in the fabric of space into the universe where she came from, a starless universe where the missing ships had ended up. Unfortunately, their crews had been killed by the stresses of transitioning into that universe.

X-1 was being controlled by a cloud creature from the other universe. When Kirk said that his crew would board it, X-1 and its sister ships responded by firing energy beams at the Enterprise which began to shrink the starship's superstructure but not the crew. These effects were reversed, but the cloud creatures demanded the Enterprise leave that universe. X-1, its sister ships, and their crews' remains were not recoverable. (TOS comic: "A Warp in Space")



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