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Xenozoology (also called exozoology and zoology) is the study of living, non-sentient animal lifeforms. It is a speciality within the fields of xenobiology and exology.

It emphasizes an examination of exhibited characteristics and behaviors not just for one animal, but also for its species and populations. (FASA RPG module: Star Fleet Officer's Manual)

It is a field of study at Starfleet Academy. In the 2370s, the Zoology department was chaired by Vitari Borror, who oversaw four professors. Specific classes provided field experience with focuses on principles and biomechanics: Zoology 112 (Principles of Zoology), Zoology 215 (Biomechanics), Zoology 300 (Field Experience), and Zoology 413 (Molecular Evolution). (Last Unicorn RPG module: Starfleet Academy Handbook)


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