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Locator logo showing the galaxy's Alpha and Beta Quadrant.

Xer was a star system located at the edge of the Tabula Rasa spatial anomaly, somewhere in the galaxy's Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

History and specifics[]

In the year 2292, it had emerged from the anomaly near Klingon space.

It contained at least one planet, Ixion. Ixion was settled by the Taubat, but soon after emerging from the anomaly, the Taubat on Ixion became embroiled in a civil war. The Taubat government contacted the Klingon Empire and offered them exclusive mineral rights to Ixion should the Klingons help put down the rebellion; the Empire accepted and sent forces to Ixion.

Taal was wealthy in dilithium, and as a result was the first world targeted by the Klingon Empire in their campaign to annex the region. (TOS video game: New Worlds)

System makeup[]

Xer primary star



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