Xev Chiana was a female individual who was the Federation Secretary of State in 2286, during the administration of Federation President Hiram Roth. In the wake of the Genesis Planet incident that year, Secretary Chiana recommended to the President and the Federation Council that diplomatic efforts be made to curb the proliferation of Genesis technology and that research into the technology be restricted. Secretary Chiana later helped negotiate the Genesis Nonproliferation Treaty. (TNG novel: The Genesis Wave, Book 1)

Xev Chiana was obviously the foreign minister for the UFP, but the title of Secretary of State seems to contradict Articles of the Federation, which establishes that the Federation's foreign ministry is referred to as the Federation Department of the Exterior. It is conjectured that the Federation Department of State was simply renamed at some point between 2286 and 2380. The character was apparently named after the characters of "Xev Bellringer" and "Chiana" from the television series Lexx and Farscape. Her exact term of office is unknown, but is conjectured to be throughout Roth's term.

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