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The Xindi-Insectoids were a species of Xindi, and were native to the planet Xindus.


The Xindi-Insectoids were insectoid like, as their name suggests. As with all of the other five Xindi species, the Insectoids also had distinctive ridges on their cheek bones. The lifespan of an Insectoid was approximately twelve years. Their reproduction was performed asexually.

Because of their short lifespan, the Insectoids were strongly concerned about their offspring's survival. The Insectoid eggs were protected by the adults on hatchery brigs attached to their ships and if threatened, the Insectoids would protect their offspring even at the cost of their lives. (ENT episode: "Hatchery")


The Xindi-Insectoids had 67 different dialects. Their language was a clicking dialog, one of the most complex of all Xindi languages. They considered raised voices as a sign of hostility. As they grew, their names grew longer and more difficult to pronounce. (ENT episode: "The Council")


Insectoid barkeeper.

Like the other Xindi species, the Insectoids evolved on the planet Xindus. During the Xindi Civil War, they were allies with the Xindi-Reptilians and were ultimately responsible for the planet's destruction, when in an act of desperation, the two races detonated several explosives over the eight largest seismic fissures of the planet. Another effect from the planet's destruction was the annihilation of the Xindi-Avians, which went extinct after the planet's evacuation. (ENT episode: "The Shipment")

Around the year 2270, an Insectoid worked as barkeeper in the Trexelian Expanse. During a conflict involving the Tholians, the barkeeper served staff of Starfleet's Battle Group 2. (ST video game: Trexels)