Colonel Xiomek was a male Reman who commanded the Kepeszuk Battalion of the Reman Irregulars. He would be instrumental in leading the Reman people in open revolt against the Romulan Star Empire. (TTN novel: Taking Wing)

History[edit | edit source]

By 2381, Xiomek had made allies with the reunification movement on Romulus, albeit had different (or more militaristic) views on how to proceed for and toward their goals. This alliance came as he saw the reunification members being treated as second class citizens, just like the Remans. (ST website: The Path to 2409)

In 2385, he met former Empress Donatra on Remus after the Imperial Romulan State merged back into the Romulan Star Empire. She negotiated with Xiomek to lend the Reman resources and might to stabilize the Star Empire and in return he would get a seat in the Romulan Senate as well as full citizenship for the Reman race. He agreed and his races physical might as well as dilithium along with heavy metal supplies ended the supply problems the Romulan empire was facing. Due to large support for Donatra, the Romulan Senate reluctantly gave Xiomek a seat along with citizenship to his race. Despite this being the case, in practice many Romulans continue to treat the Remans like second class citizens and the Remans are in turn reluctant to move to Romulan settlements.

In 2386, Xiomek blocked a proposal by the Romulan Mining Guild to take control of all mining operations in the Romulan Star Empire after Remus was abandoned. In addition to this, he motioned that the Remans be relocated to a continent on Romulus, but a counter proposal was given for the Remans to colonize the failed colony of Crateris, the harsh electric storm-covered environment containing rich resources; the offer was accepted. By 2387, after a closed meeting of the Romulan Senate, Xiomek invited Donatra to the Reman colony on Crateris, where he informed her of possible rogue elements within the Romulan military and government. She later asked the Reman Senator to accompany her on the IRW Valdore in order to attend the next Senate meeting. (ST website: The Path to 2409)

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