The Xyfius class was a Vorgon starship class, a heavy escort and frigate in service from the early 25th century. As Vorgon frigate, the Xyfius class was involved in the Temporal Cold War. In 2410 the class was made available as a heavy escort to Alpha Quadrant Alliance space services through a Risian resort.[1] (STO - New Dawn mission: "Flying High")

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In mid-2410, following the end of the Iconian War, the Lobi Crystal Consortium acquired Xyfius-class heavy escorts from the Vorgons. For a prize of 1,000 prize vouchers, these escorts were offered to commanding officers of the Alpha Quadrant Alliance during the Lohlunat Festival on Risa.

The Xyfius-class heavy escort was equipped with a harasser probes universal console. This console allowed the launch and operation of a pair of harasser probes, which would then attack nearby targets with chroniton mines, tractor beams and tetryon beam arrays at close range. This console was suitable for equipment on any Vorgon starship.

Crews experienced with the Xyfius class would master the starship trait benefiting mines, which could trigger the deployment of a chroniton mine when firing [[energy weapon]s.[2] (STO - New Dawn mission: "Flying High")

Technical data of these ships was found at the same resort, hidden across the island. (STO mission: "Sun, Sand, and Scavenging")

The Alliance met frigates of this class in combat during the Temporal Cold War, including engagements at NGC-162 in the year 2152, the Battle of Procyon V in the 26th century, and at Lirss Prime on stardate 354184.63 (27th century). (STO - New Frontiers missions: "Vorgon Conclusions", "Battle of Procyon V")



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