The Xyrillians were a spacefaring humanoid species from the planet Xyrillia. In 2151, the Enterprise (NX-01) made first contact with a Xyrillian spaceship that was riding in Enterprise's wake for a brief time. It eventually caused several power malfunctions on the Earth spaceship, however the Xyrillians were only trying to fuel their warp coils with the plasma exhaust. (ENT episode: "Unexpected")

Xyrillians have distinct dermal plates, and they show signs of harmless bioelectric energy when they touch other people. They do not have a metabolism based on water or breathe an oxygen-based atmosphere. In fact, their high-pressure atmosphere is hallucinogenic to most species, and as a result most other humanoids need to be weaned onto and off their atmosphere to avoid undesired effects. (ENT episode: "Unexpected")

They also seem to be somewhat telepathic by using certain granules to either enhance or provide the effect in the first place. This procedure of granule-induced telepathic interaction is considered a game, though it is possible that Xyrillians impregnate each other during it. It also works with other species, and most likely on both genders. In 2151, Commander Charles Tucker III was impregnated this way, and he successfully carried an embryo for at least one month. The embryo, a female one, appeared to be in healthy condition, and was later transferred to a Xyrillian host. (ENT episode: "Unexpected")

It is to be noted, that the Xyrillians were using highly sophisticated holography. They were capable of recreating various places and landscapes from their homeworld, as well as other planets, if provided with necessary topographical information. In 2151, they exchanged this holographic technology with the Klingon Empire after a demonstration in which they created the Klingon homeworld. (ENT episode: "Unexpected")

In the 2260s, Starfleet was attempting to adapt Xyrillian duplication chambers for use aboard Federation starships. (TOS novel: The Case of the Colonist's Corpse)

By the 24th century, Xyrillia eventually became a member of the United Federation of Planets. (TOS novel: Captain's Glory)

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