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Y Class, or Class Y starships were freighters deployed by the Earth Cargo Service in the 22nd century. (ENT episode: "Fortunate Son")

Technical specifications

Nausicaans attack ECS Fortunate.

Y class ships were built to replace the earlier J-class starships that had been used by Earth's cargo service in the early 22nd century. The design principles of a Class Y were similar to those of the earlier class J ships - with the major difference being that the Y class was a larger vessel. (ENT episodes: "Horizon", "Fortunate Son")

The ships had a crew complement of 23; however, this did not account for children which may have been born to the crew members during their long voyages. Y class ships were capable of a maximum speed of warp 1.8. The eight cargo modules attached to the sides of the ship gave the ship a total capacity of 20 kilotons. The ships came with a single plasma cannon, however most freighter captains upgraded their weapons as soon as possible as their cargoes made them attractive targets for pirates such as the Nausicaans.

In 2151, Captain Keene considered upgrading the ship's core to a warp 3 engine. (ENT episode: "Fortunate Son")

The Y class freighter was also known as Fortunate-class. (ST video game: Legacy)

People of the Open Sky ship.

The People of the Open Sky were subjects of the Chain who rejected their society and formed a ragtag fleet. A portion of the fleet consisted of ships of the mid-22nd century Alpha and Beta Quadrant cultures. The fleet arriving at Deep Space 9 in November 2385 included at least one 2150s-era Y-class freighter. (DS9 novel: The Missing)

Known class Y ships



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