Yal Ixxen was a Bolian female alive in the mid to late 24th century. She joined Starfleet and by 2385 was a helm officer holding the rank of Lieutenant.

In September of 2385 she was recruited in to the black ops team Active Four as the helm officer of the SS Snipe. Like Nog and Tuvok her orders to join Active Four came completely out of the blue, with her colleagues on her previous assignment not even being aware of what happened to her. She would later join with Tuvok, Nog, Thomas Riker, and Ashur in opposing the team's CO Lieutenant Colonel Jan Kincade when it became clear that Kincade was acting illegally.

Following the rescue of Riker, Nog, and Tuvok by the crew of the USS Titan Ixxen was forced to take off from Nydak II by those members of the team loyal to Kincade. The Snipe came under attack by the Klingons who had escorted the Titan to Nydak II. Lieutenant Bowan Radowski tried to beam the people on board the Snipe off the ship before it came apart, however he was only able to retrieve the severely injured Ixxen. Ixxen collapsed in Radowski's arms after beaming aboard and was taken to sickbay.

Ixxen was treated in sickbay for her injuries, and returned to Earth with the other Starfleet survivors of Active Four. Upon arriving at Earth she was debriefed by Starfleet Intelligence and then allowed to return back to her previous assignment. (ST - The Fall novel: The Poisoned Chalice)

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