You may also be looking for Yorka, a former Vedek featured in The Genesis Wave, Book 3 probably intended to be the same character.

Yarka was a Bajoran male who lived in the 24th century. He held the position of Vedek in the Bajoran religion.

In 2371, Yarka lead a series of protests against the Vedek Assembly for their endorsement of the peace treaty with Cardassia. For doing so, Yarka was stripped of his title.

Three months later, Yarka came to Deep Space 9 to warn Benjamin Sisko that he believed a joint project between his people, the Federation and the Cardassian Union would lead to the destruction of the Celestial Temple, as predicted in Trakor's third prophecy. Yarka was correct in predicting that the prophecy was coming true, although the "vipers" were not the Cardassians as believed, but three fragments from a comet. (DS9 episode: "Destiny")

Later that year, Yarka came to see Sisko to warn him that Kai Winn was attempting to cast herself as the protector of Bajor as predicted in the Third Prophecy of Andaki. Yarka believed it was Sisko who the prophecy referred to and would save Bajor from the Hive, who were threatening to use the planet as an energy source. Yarka later helped Sisko procure on the Orbs of the Prophets to help Tork contact the Prophets and learn the truth about the voyage of the Hive starship. (DS9 novel: Objective: Bajor)


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