Year Five, Issue 10 is the tenth issue of the Year Five ongoing series, published by IDW Publishing. It was released in February 2020.


With Captain Kirk still incapacitated, Spock finds himself trapped between a planet quickly spinning into chaos and a crew at each other's throats.


Trapped on I'Qos, the away team find themselves caught in the midst of a civil war, unable to contact the USS Enterprise due to atmospheric conditions, and risk being caught in a war all of their own as Sulu turns on Chekov for providing the phaser bolt that started the war, despite the young ensign's protests that he was saving Sulu's life and Spock pointing out the war would have happened regardless. Sulu asks Ayal if she can do anything, it was after all, only a stun shot, but she knows that nothing can be done as the speaker is executed. As the Lo'Kari speaker rises and declares war, Ayal punches a hole in the floor and leads the trio back into the sea.

As the quartet meet with more I'Qosa, Ayal informs them of what transpired on the surface and that she now leads their people. As Sulu pushes Spock to use the Enterprise and its arsenal to end the war, which he still blames Chekov for, the ensign tackles him out the way of a projectile. Spock is blunt as ever. They must return to the Enterprise. Though Sulu tries to get Ayal to join them, she insists on staying, summoning a great sea beast to led their war charge. Ayal reveals that the beast is the living embodiment of their ecosystem. The crest is where all I'Qosa come from and where they all return. Before she parts ways with them, she gifts them an elixir that will heal Kirk's wounds.

Flanked by I'Qosa shuttles, the Sagan leaves the planet with Sulu asking who they think will win the war. Spock feels it to soon to say, brusquely hoping that truth and logic will win out and the war, contrasting Sulu's markedly emotional reaction. Noting this, Spock only hopes that Sulu will learn from the experience.

In sickbay, over McCoy's protest, the water is applied to Kirk, restoring him to full health.

As the away team leaves the sickbay, Sulu confesses to Spock that he no longer feels comfortable working alongside Chekov. Cutting him off, Spock dismisses this, for he recognizes it as being born of emotion, but as part of Chekov's training program, it is time for the ensign to transfer, Spock reassigning him to security and assigning Arex Na Eth to the helm. As everyone goes off, Sulu is left alone.

In his quarters, Sulu ponders what could have been between him and Ayal, noting that he will forever be haunted by her in the water.

Log entries

  • Science Officer's Log, Stardate 7148.1. 
    The Planet I'Qos. The current situation is, quite simply, war. Begun with a foolish act, as most are, combined with a well-timed deception... ...The deadliest combination. One that threatens the extinction of an entire race. A civil war in which nothing is ever civil. What began as a rescue mission became something much deadlier. Ayal's homeworld, I'Qos, has been divided into two factions: Those who have lived peacefully beneath the sea and the Lo'Kari, who are hardened as shells of their brethren and now live on land. The Lo'Kari have lain in wait trying to find justification for a war they so wanted. I fear that with a single mistaken phaser blast, we have given them one. I attempted to lead my crew and our I'Qosa allies to safety, but unfortunately that attempt proved... Futile. Given the unusual atmospheric conditions on I'Qos, it is impossible to raise the Enterprise for assistance at this time. We are in this war alone.



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  • When Kirk wakes up, McCoy is wearing a yellow smock.
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