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Year Five, Issue 13 is a TOS comic, the 13th issue of the Year Five series published by IDW Publishing.


The Enterprise and her crew finally make it back to Federation space, but the Federation they find isn't quite the same as the one they had left behind. Meanwhile, Aegis and Gary Seven's grand design continues to take shape—and the consequences will be staggering.
After narrowly defeating Gary Seven and Isis's attack on the Enterprise, Captain Kirk and the crew have made their back to Federation space. Their five-year mission is reaching its end, but the trouble is just about to begin…


Stardate 7251.1. The day has finally come. The five-year mission of the USS Enterprise has finally come to a close. Sitting in his chair for one last time, Kirk cannot help but think back to his elder brother's worry about proposing to his wife. While everyone else was ready for the marriage, Sam was not. A sentiment Kirk cannot help but relate to. But all things end, and the Enterprise pulls into Starbase 212 to a hero's welcome, led by the flagship USS Theseus, her job finally complete.

Aboard the flagship, a downtrodden Kirk is greeted by Areel Shaw, now the Attorney General of the United Federation of Planets, surprised to see not only her but all the changes in aesthetics. Aside from women now wanting pant legs, Shaw tells Kirk that things have simply changed in five years. And it's that that Shaw wants to speak to Kirk about. Just over a year ago, an ideology called the Originalists rose to prominence. Focusing heavily on the core worlds, this ideology goes against the values of the Federation, and with an upcoming election that they stand to win, the Originalists are liable to shut down further expansion. Before Shaw can tell Kirk more, the Theseus goes to red alert.

On the bridge, the crew observes as a new, blood red, Klingon ship appears. As Kirk and Shaw enter the bridge, the intruder hails and introduces himself as Dev Vo'Qul with his ship being the IKS Gauntlet. After some Klingon posturing, Vo'Qul demands Kirk's life. While the Federation fleet is ready to destroy the ship, Kirk has had enough experience with Klingons to not dismiss the Gauntlet. Over the protests of all, he agrees to turn himself over to the Klingons.

Back on the Enterprise, Leonard McCoy oversees the transfer of his patients to the USS Asclepius but is barred by the medics from boarding the ship himself.

Thumbing a knife, his insurance policy against Vo'Qul, Kirk greets his foe in the transporter bay. After insulting Shaw, Vo'Qul lists off the many crimes Kirk has committed against the Klingon Empire, promising that, in one hour, Kirk will be beamed to the Gauntlet where he will die without honor.

Aboard the Asclepius, McCoy and Spock sneak towards a restricted door. After "doing a little surgery" on the door's wiring, the two find a horrifying video feed of all those who were injured on five year missions being used as laboratory rats, their curable ailments being prolonged for study. McCoy's exceptionally loud outrage at this however results in three black clothed men cornering them. The leader orders the two officers taken away, and the Tholian child brought to him.

Back in his duty uniform, in a darkened room, Kirk records his last will and testament. He is going to the Gauntlet of his own accord, an act he hopes will prevent another Federation-Klingon war. To Spock, he offers his belief that his friend is ready to be a captain. To McCoy, he apologizes. To Shaw, he asks that she not blame herself. To Carol, he asks that she let David know what he did. And to David... he leaves everything he has. A fitting trade for the nothing he offered during his son's youth.

Kneeling, Kirk is beamed onto the Gauntlet, ready to face the trials.



Christine ChapelDev Vo'QulJames T. KirkKlimavichKoraxiLeonard McCoyOlanolanAreel ShawSpock
Referenced only
Bright EyesDallenKahlessAurelan KirkGeorge Samuel Kirk, Jr.Carol MarcusDavid Marcus

Starships and vehicles

USS AsclepiusUSS Enterprise (Constitution-class heavy cruiser) • GalileoIKS GauntletUSS TheseusMiranda-classNX-class


Starbase 212
Referenced only
Capella VSigma IotiaTroyiusVulcan (planet)

Races and cultures

AndorianHumanKlingonProxima CentaurianVulcan
Referenced only

States and organizations

FederationKlingon EmpireOriginalistsStarfleetSyrranites

Other references

Caraxian boilsd'k tahgOrganian Peace Treatytribbles


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Creators Brandon EastonJackson LanzingCollin KellyJody HouserJim McCann
Cover artists Greg HildebrandtStephen ThompsonCharlie KirchoffJ.J. LendlMarc Laming


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