The "Year of Hell" was the name of events that took place from 2373 to 2374 by Starfleet Captain Kathryn Janeway and the crew of the USS Voyager. During that time, Voyager fought hard against the Krenim Imperium as they passed through Krenim space. Voyager during that time experienced two alternate timelines.(VOY episodes: "Before and After", "Year of Hell", "Year of Hell, Part II")


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Part I charactersEdit

AnnoraxAyalaBrooksChakotayThe DoctorEmmanuelFitzpatrick (?) • Kathryn JanewayHarry KimLangWilliam McKenzieNeelixKashimuro NozawaObristTom ParisSeven of NineStricklerB'Elanna TorresTuvokunnamed Zahl

Part II charactersEdit

AnnoraxAnnorax's wifeAyalaChakotayThe DoctorKathryn JanewayHarry KimNeelixObristTom ParisSeven of NineB'Elanna TorresTuvok
Referenced only 
Ernst Vassbinder


USS Voyager (Intrepid-class) • Krenim temporal weapon shipKrenim patrol shipKrenim warshipMawasi cruiserNihydron destroyer


Kyana Prime

Races and culturesEdit

Referenced only 
MalkothMawasiNihydronRam IzadRilnar

States and OrganisationsEdit

Alsuran EmpireKrenim ImperiumStarfleet

Other referencesEdit

Krenim uniform


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