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The Yorktown-class was a type of United Earth battleship used by United Earth Starfleet during the 22nd century. It was originally commissioned as an early-model Human military vessel, proving to be one of the most powerful and largest vessels of it's time, at 400 meters in length. It's service continued into the early 23rd century, where it was enlisted by Starfleet as a Federation starship. (ST video game: Legacy)


During the latter half of the 2150s, ships of the Yorktown-class were among those which saw action against the Romulan Star Navy in the Earth-Romulan War.

The Yorktown class continued to serve in the Federation Starfleet after its formation in 2161. They continued to serve well into the 23rd century. One Yorktown class battleship was assigned to a fleet just prior to the Omega Directive in 2272. The ship was destroyed alongside three other ships when dampeners shut down the fleet's shields. Then the defense grid vaporized the Yorktown class starship and the other ships in the fleet. The Yorktown class starship was captained by a man named Somerset. (ST video game: Legacy)


In 2159, these vessels were equipped with six dual phase banks, two phase banks, and eight photonic torpedo launchers, and were protected by polarized hull plating. But by 2161 these ships received a similar refit as the Daedalus-class, the refit included better deflector shields, phaser banks, and photonic torpedo launcher banks. (ST video game: Legacy)

Known vesselsEdit

USS Washington (NCC-403)USS Adams (NCC-410)USS Wilson (NCC-416)USS Shoemaker (NCC-422)



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No explanation is given for these vessels' Federation Starfleet-style registry numbers and their use of the "USS" name prefix, despite existing two years before the inception of the Federation.

The game software included numerous other names for ships of this class that were not prepared to be used in gameplay, and are hidden in the game's source code, including USS Aurbach, USS Boston, USS Commonwealth, USS Concord, USS Fenway, USS Liberty, USS Paul Revere. Possibly, these vessels were intended for some feature of the game that was not completed. For example, none of these ships are coded with registry number graphics like those the included ships possess.

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