The Yoshitoni Institute was a top-secret mercenary training school, ran by the Orion Syndicate. It was located in the Kellinan Reach located somewhere in the Alpha or Beta Quadrants, on an obscure asteroid, and named for Yoshitoni, an infamous brutal killer and saboteur involved in the formation of the Syndicate.

The Institute was open only to those with the underworld connections to learn of it and gain admittance. It offered rigorous and extensive training programs individually tailored for budding mercenaries, insurgents, bounty hunters, assassins, and torturers. Students could learn the most advanced tactics and train with the latest weapons and equipment.

It was run by Ellefrin Vrax, an Orion known for his perverse sense of humor. He acted as the school's Dean, and ran it as a parody of a legitimate institute of higher learning, complete with graduation ceremonies with caps and gowns. Even the name "Yoshitoni" was a joke reference. (Last Unicorn RPG module: Raiders, Renegades & Rogues)

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