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Hoshi Sato has spent five days trying to decipher the language of a transmission from a newly discovered civilization. She is frustrated because she has never taken so long to learn a language. At Archer's suggestion she attends Movie Night with Mayweather, but is unable to concentrate on the movie and leaves. The transmission from the planet stops, but Enterprise has the short message recorded. Archer gives Sato another twenty-four hours before Enterprise moves on. The next morning, still making no progress, Hoshi discusses the problem with Reed, Tucker and Phlox in the mess hall. The Universal Translator is not helping because the message does not conform to the assumptions about language built into it. As Sato leaves the mess hall she meets Mayweather, who insists that she join him at the sweet spot. Mayweather reminisces about a town on Vega Colony: "Once you're in the city limits, you're not on the road anymore, you're considered a part of the town..." Sato realizes that the word "Not" is the key to the message, and programs new algorithms into the Universal Translator. She translates the message, which begins: "You are not in space. You are in the home of the Shisali, as surely as if your feet touched our soil."



Jonathan ArcherElizabeth CutlerDickisonTravis MayweatherPhloxMalcolm ReedHoshi SatoT'PolTrip Tucker
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Starships and vehicles

Enterprise (NX-01)


Unnamed planet
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Earth (BrazilChicagoEnglandFloridaNew YorkOhio) • RisaVega colonyVulcan

Races and cultures

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Science and technology

artificial gravitycomm panelcommunications consolecomputerconsoleconsole screenlinguistic databasepaddphonetic processorsensorspacecraftstarshipturboliftuniversal translatorviewscreen

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captainensignlieutenantprofessorscience officersubcommander

Other references

algorithmalienalphabetArabic alphabetbattlebreakfastbridgecenturyChinese languagecitycivilizationcomedycommunicationsCyrillic alphabetdancedayDenobulan languageEnglish languageexolinguisticsFerris Bueller's Day Offfirst contactfoodforkGeissler variationgenerative grammarGerman languagegrammatical typologyhailing frequencyHindi alphabethourJapanese languagelanguagelanguage treeLatin alphabetlinguistlinguistic algorithmlinguisticsmess hallmoonmovieMovie Nightparadephonetic symbolphrase structure theoryplanetplaying cardpokerpopular culturepronounquartersQueen of Heartsready roomresponse tokenRomulan languageRosetta StoneRussian languagesandwichscanscience reportsemanticsShisali languageslangsongspeciesstudentsweet spotsyntaxtaxonomyteachertelepathyTerran languagetextbooktowntransformational modeltranslationtranslation matrixtransmissionTuesdayuniversityurban centerVulcan languageVulcan writingweek


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  • Although the movie Sato and Mayweather attend is not identified by name, the references to its plot make clear that it is Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

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