Yquitra was the third planet of the Tarquolese star system, in the Alpha or the Beta Quadrant, lying outside Federation space.

Yquitra was a sulfurous mustard–gray colored world. It had a number of large moons. The third moon of Yquitra was the size of many other planets, and had a weak atmosphere of its own.

As it has several moons large enough to be planets, Yquitra may be a gas giant.

The third moon of Yquitra was home to an Orion retirement colony, inhabited by several thousand aged Orion men and women placed there by their families. It was a fairly dull and quiet place.

The settlement was constructed inside a dome on the polar ice cap to give it air, and it drew heat from thermal geysers beneath it. The dome magnified sunlight to illuminate the settlement. The colony possessed a plaza with fountains and cobblestones, surrounded by picturesque white buildings. One of these was the Bayool Café.

In 2293, the USS Enterprise-A visited the Yquitra colony to retrieve the Romulans Hasmek and Pardek from the Bayool Café. Captain James Kirk, Doctor Leonard McCoy and two Security officers transported down to fetch them, which they soon did. But the elderly Orions mobbed the away team, demanding to be taken away from the world or die trying. Kirk stunned them with his phaser and they made their getaway. (TOS novel: Mind Meld)

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