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This character is a member of the Sulu family native to the Kelvin timeline.

Yuki Sulu was a 23rd century Human woman who was a member of Starfleet in the Kelvin timeline . Yuki was the sister of Hikaru Sulu.


In 2257, Yuki joined Starfleet and attended the Academy. During her time at the academy, she shared quarters with fellow cadet and Vulcan, T'Pan, who had a crush on her brother, Hikaru Sulu. However, in 2258, T'Pan was killed when the Romulan terrorist Nero destroyed Vulcan. After her brother turned down Section 31's offer to join, Yuki joined it as way to prevent Earth from suffering the same fate of Vulcan.(TOS comics: "The Return of the Archons, Part 1", "The Khitomer Conflict, Part 4")

Yuki was present at Admiral Marcus' secret facility where Khan Noonien Singh was awakened and supplied with his "John Harrison" identity. (TOS - Khan comic: "Issue 4")

In 2261, Yuki was assigned to the new USS Armstrong as an engineer. Later that year, Yuki was assigned to the USS Enterprise's a engineering section. After Captain Kirk was captured by Klingon Commander Kor and the Enterprise returned to Starbase K-11, Hikaru tried to convince her to transfer somewhere else to no avail. When the Enterprise went to Qo'noS to rescue Captain Kirk, stop Section 31 and the Romulans from destroying , Yuki beamed down to the First City and held his party at gunpoint revealing her allegiance to Section 31.

She and the other Section 31 agents then awaited the Romulans arrival with the Red matter. Yuki, the Romulans and her fellow Section 31 agents then captured the Klingon Chancellor, the High Council, and it's meeting hall to plant the red matter explosive. She and the other agents then killed the Romulans and took the red matter greatly impressing the Chancellor. Yuki was then convince by Kirk not to use the red matter to destroy the Klingons' First City. She was then taken to Section 31's command ship. After the Romulans were terminated by a self destruct program by Section 31, Yuki and the other agents. She then stayed with the agents and said goodbye to her brother.(TOS - The Khitomer Conflict comics: "Part 1", "Part 2", "Part 3", "Part 4")



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