Yuri Kuznetsov was a Starfleet officer who served from 2352 until, at least, 2367. By that time, Kuznetsov had risen to the rank of Vice Admiral and was the commanding officer of Starbase 81.

In 2367, Kuznetsov met Carter Greyhorse, Phigus Simenon, and Idun Asmund, during their brief stay on Starbase 81 while they awaited the arrival of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D), so they could be transported to Daa'V to serve as Morgen's honor guard. During the meeting, Kuznetsov found that Greyhorse was annoyingly intellectual, Simenon was rude, and admitted that Asmund had scared him.

He later learned that Idun and her twin sister, Gerda Asmund, had survived the disaster on the Alpha Zion colony, and had been rescued and raised by Klingons. When the Enterprise finally arrived, Kuznetsov admitted that he was pleased to see his guests leave. (TNG novel: Reunion)

Additional notes

Kuznetsov was noted as being a keen swimmer.

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