Yutan was a Neuralese man. He was a hunter from the Hill People tribe who resided in the settlement of Freehold on the planet Neural in the 23rd century.


In December 2267, Yutan was among the first to find Captain James T. Kirk after he'd been attacked and bitten by a Mugato. When Leonard McCoy asked that they be taken to Tyree, he and two others carried Kirk to the Hill People's encampment. Yutan then ran off, located Tyree and his wife Nona, and told them what happened. Later, after Kirk demonstrated to Tyree how to fire a stolen Klingon flintlock musket, Kirk asked Yutan to try next. After Nona clubbed Kirk in the head and stole Kirk's phaser, Tyree, McCoy and Yutan came across the wounded Kirk. Yutan saw the murder of Nona and was then ordered by Tyree to track down the escaping killers. (TOS episode & Star Trek 10 novelization: A Private Little War)

When Kirk returned to Neural in spring of 2273 and encountered a group of Hill People, to convince them that he was friendly, he told them he knew Yutan, Endel and Tyree. During a Mugato attack, security guard Apryl Burch saved his life. (TOS novel: Serpents in the Garden)



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