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The D9 class (known in Klingonese language as Z'gal-class or Seeker class)[1] was a 23rd century Klingon starship type, a cruiser[1] battleship[2] and dreadnought battlecruiser class in Klingon Defense Force service in the 2270s[2] and again from the 2410s[3] decade onwards. (FASA RPG module: Klingon Ship Recognition Manual, STO website: Undiscovered Lock Box and Lobi Ship Stats)


Design history[]

The D9 class, also named Z'gal (Seeker) class in its initial configuration, was derived from the D7 class battlecruisers that served at the forefront of the Klingon Empire in the mid-23rd century. (FASA RPG module: Klingon Ship Recognition Manual)

A configuration resembling a smoother, bulkier version of the 24th century Negh'Var-class battlecruiser was in service by the year 2270. (STO - Agents of Yesterday mission: "The Battle of Caleb IV")

At the time, the frequently upgraded D7 class was remained the Empire's flagship type. (TOS novel: Agents of Influence)

As a result of the Temporal Cold War front connecting the 23rd with the 25th century, the Khitomer Alliance powers returned their 23rd century dreadnought cruiser classes to service in 2410. The Starfleet and Romulan Republic Navy counterparts were Atlas- and Thrai-classses. (STO websites: The Undiscovered Lockbox!, Undiscovered Lock Box and Lobi Ship Stats)

Despite the visual similarity, components between the D9 and Negh'Var were not interchangeable. (STO - Agents of Yesterday mission: "First City")


As a ship of the Khitomer Alliance active in the early 25th century, a vessel of this type could attain quantum slipstream and transwarp velocities. Its cruising speed was in excess of warp factor 9.9. It was protected by a deflector shield. Additional systems included a cloaking device, the cruiser communication array and disruption pulse emitter.

The ship's deflector array was a 23rd century-style neutrino deflector array Mk. X. Impulse engines, the field-stabilizing warp core and the 23rd century-inspired shield were also rated Mk. X.

All weapon systems were inspired by 23rd century-era Klingon disruptor and photon torpedo weaponry. Of the five forward-facing weapon arrays, one was a disruptor beam array and another a disruptor dual beam bank as well as a pair of cannons - dual cannons and dual heavy cannons, respectively.

One photon torpedo launcher was slotted fore and aft, each. Two additional aftern weapons included a disruptor beam array, and a disruptor turret with 360-degree firing arc.

The ship's hangar bay included Klingon shuttlecraft but also a dedicated wing of support craft for space combat, the DuQwl'-class fighters.


In the 25th century, the hull design of the D9-class dreadnought battlecruiser allowed its commanding officer to choose from different livery materials. These could be modified at shipyards. The material options included numbered Types, Upgrade and Veteran. Owning other 2250s-era ships unlocked additional materials. (STO - Agents of Yesterday mission: "First City")

  • D9 hull materials:
    • Type 0
    • Type 1
    • Type 2
    • Type 3
    • Type 4
    • Upgrade
    • Veteran

Furthermore, the installation of deflector shields from specific factions modified the hull appearance, including shields from the Reman Resistance, the Breen Confederacy and the Dominion. (STO missions: "Coliseum", "Cold Storage", "Boldly They Rode")


In the 25th century, a commanding officer ranked lieutenant commanded a smaller bridge crew. Additional bridge officer careers opened up as the commanding officer's rank increased. The default crew included an engineering-division commander, a lieutenant commander of combined tactical and temporal operative service, and three lieutenants - an engineer, a science officer and a third of any branch. (STO - Empire mission: "First City")

Service history[]

Vessels of this class participated in the Battle of Caleb IV in 2270. The KDF defeated Starfleet at Caleb IV with a ruse and Na'kuhl support. (STO - Agents of Yesterday mission: "The Battle of Caleb IV")

The class returned to service in the year 2410, serving alongside their cousins of upgraded D7- and Negh'Var-classses. (STO websites: The Undiscovered Lockbox!, Undiscovered Lock Box and Lobi Ship Stats)



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