This page details Zahra Jamal in the primary universe; for the Zahra Jamal in the mirror universe see Zahra Jamal (mirror); for the Zahra Jamal in the Kelvin timeline created by Nero's temporal incursion, see Zahra Jamal (Kelvin timeline); for the Zahra Jamal in the mirror universe created by Nero's temporal incursion see Zahra Jamal (mirror) (Kelvin timeline); for the Zahra Jamal in all other alternate universes see Zahra Jamal (alternates).

Zahra was a Starfleet yeoman who served aboard the USS Enterprise, under the command of Captain James T. Kirk, in the 2260s.


In 2267, Zahra accompanied Captain Kirk and his landing party to the surface of the planet Deneva to investigate the unusual communications blackout from the colony. The party discovered that the blackout was due to neural parasites infecting the colony. (TOS episode & novelization: Operation -- Annihilate!; TOS novel: Provenance of Shadows)

In the novelization of "Operation -- Annihilate!" written by James Blish, Zahra's name is given as Zahara.
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