Zarcot was a Cardassian Alliance Councilman in an alternate timeline caused when Montgomery Scott rescued James T. Kirk before he could be absorbed into the Nexus, with the USS Enterprise-D following them into the past.


Zarcot coveted leadership of the Alliance, and worked to undermine Supreme Arbiter of the Alliance Sarek. In 2292, Zarcot stormed out of the Council and resigned his position; in the year following, the Cardassians grew in influence and Zarcot, without being bound by the rules and traditions of the Council, provoked direct confrontations with the Vulcan. In 2293, Zarcot convinced the majority of the Alliance Council that no one could claim to be a true leader of the Alliance without personally observing the Vortex, claiming that it could prove to be even more dangerous than the Borg which were systematically assimilating the Alpha Quadrant. Zarcot himself set out to observe the Vortex and filed a dire but unfounded warning and claimed to be on his way back to Alliance Prime, maintaining radio silence; such a venture forced Sarek to also travel to the energy ribbon.

Eventually, Zarcot did make his presence known by issuing a distress call from a lifepod, claiming that the Vortex had destroyed his ship and possibly all other lifepods. The Wisdom, under command of Commander Varkon and ferrying Sarek, was the closest vessel to respond. Sarek was hesitant until the sensors indicated life support failing at a rapid rate on the lifepod. Although the Wisdom lowered shields to transport Zarcot aboard, it was a ploy to leave the vessel defenseless for an attack by a cloaked Cardassian vessel, a trick discovered by Kirk and Scott aboard their shuttlecraft Goddard. The Wisdom was able to reraise shields and the Cardassian vessel fled before a counterattack could be made, leaving behind Zarcot, who was beamed aboard the Wisdom and placed in Interrogation. (ST novel: Engines of Destiny)

It is uncertain if a Zarcot existed in the primary timeline.



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