Zarcun-5 was a Human male, a criminal. He was in charge of the government on the non-aligned asteroid Grotus in 2267.

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He employed a number of people to look out for unusual activity, including hoodlums and security guards. He maintained a well-decorated office in the planetary headquarters building with thick curtains and a tall ceiling. He oversaw criminal activity such as gambling, and particularly cockfighting, a favored pastime on Grotus but an illegal activity on Federation planets. He was responsible for the activity of at least one Grotus transport spacecraft.

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In 2267, James T. Kirk, Spock and Montgomery Scott traveled undercover in a D-1 “Buggy” to Grotus in an attempted to locate male Gharian wedding birds stolen from the Federation wildlife preserve planet Salvum. Scott had followed loud squawking sounds to an arena when two hoodlums caught him. Kirk sneaked into the planetary headquarters building, but was captured and brought to Zarcun-5.

Zarcun said he was Grotus’ duly elected leader. He ordered Scott into a cockfighting arena with one of the hyper-aggressive and enormous Gharian wedding birds. As spectators cheered the ensuing fight, bookmakers gave 40:1 odds for Scott’s quick death. Zarcun threatened Kirk with the same treatment, but Spock beamed a female wedding bird into the arena, which immediately calmed the male bird. Kirk grabbed Zarcun in a headlock so his guards would retreat, and then they, Spock, Scott and the birds were beamed to the USS Enterprise. Kirk arrested Zarcun on charges of robbery and attempted murder, saying that he would be tried in a Federation court of law. (TOS comic: "Sport of Knaves")

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