The Zarians are a humanoid civilization from the planet Zaria V in the galaxy's Gamma Quadrant.

The Zarians were divided into two social classes, the master class and the servant class. To settle differences between the two, the "Negotiation", a combat between two individuals wearing an armored exoskeleton, was held annually. Traditionally, the master class won the clash, due to the servant class being more docile. In 2370, Kira Nerys was sent to Zaria V by Benjamin Sisko on behalf of the Federation to look at the possibility of the planet becoming a recreational destination. Kira saw the unjust actions of the master class immediately and secretly took part in the "Negotiation" and triumphed in the encounter, allowing the servant class to negotiate for better treatment. Upon Kira's return to Deep Space 9, Commander Sisko told her that she had broken the Prime Directive, although Kira pointed out that she was not a member of Starfleet and had done what she felt was right. (DS9 comic: "Working Vacation")

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