Zeldon was a 23rd century Skurian man and the leader of his people.


By the 2260s, Zeldon was the planet's leader and wore formal robes that covered his feet, which was unusual among Skurians.

In 2266, he hosted a banquet with the planet's visitors James T. Kirk, Spock and Montgomery Scott. Zeldon was immediately uncomfortable with the three Starfleet officers because they resembled his planet's non-sentient humanoids, so he put his guards on alert. When Scott's comments about table manners offended him, Zeldon put the officers in an animal zoo and ordered the destruction of the Federation starship USS Enterprise.

He later regretted his impulsive choices and allowed the officers to return to their vessel, particularly after they saved his son's life during their escape from the zoo. (TOS comic: "Captives in Space")



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