The Zenas Expanse was a region of space located on the western border of the Zeta Andromedae sector block in the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant. The Zenas Expanse stretched across the western portion of the border between the Arawath and Vanden sectors. The Zenas Expanse was made up of a good deal of space not yet explored by the Cardassians as of the 25th century. (STO mission: "Explore the Zenas Expanse")


In 2402, USS Voyager conducted a planetary survey in the Zenas Expanse, and made contact with the Lorians, an avian-like species. (ST website: The Path to 2409)

From 2409 onwards, the Alpha Quadrant Alliance dispatched duty officers to the Zenas Expanse to conduct mission of colonization, trade, diplomacy, and others. (STO video game: Legacy of Romulus)



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