In an alternate timeline where the Federation and Klingon Empire jointly colonized planets under the Organian Peace Treaty, Zenith Colony was a Federation settlement on Benecia.

Founded some time between 2271 and 2274, Zenith Colony sat on the shores of Carlton Bay which was part of the larger Zenith Lake. It was a highly nutritious seaweed and rich fishing that attractive Federation colonists to the area who later built aquafarms in the bay. In fact, Zenith Colony would eventually replace the capital, Benecia City, in terms of population by 2275.

Beginning in 2275, the local chayla fish in the lake dropped off in numbers which negatively affected other species in its waters and leading to the unattended growth of red spiral plants. Such plants began to cause the lake and its aquatic life to die. Many suspected the rival Klingon settlers of sabotage. (ST - Myriad Universes novel: Honor in the Night)

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