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Apex Station

Apex Station.

The Zenith-class, also known as Zenith Station, was a type of Federation space station, an orbital mining station in Federation and temporary Klingon Empire service in the 2250s decade. (STO - Mirror of Discovery mission: "Operation Riposte")


A Zenith Station was compact mining stations and consisted of a vertically-oriented cylindrical primary hull or stalk, embellished with a thickened section near both ends. A trio of platforms extended from both of those pronounced sections.

Stations of the class were positioned between asteroids in or near planetary orbit, operating in concert. While under Klingon control, beacons bathed the station and its asteroid surrounding in red light. Conversely, Federation-operated Zenith Stations were bathed in blue light. (STO - Mirror of Discovery mission: "Operation Riposte")


In the 2250s, a series of four Zenith Stations operated on asteroids in orbit of the Priors World colony. Weeks after the Battle at the Binary Stars on 11 May, 2256, the Klingon Empire occupied Priors World and seized control of the stations.

Starfleet launched a counter-offensive to liberate the system, dubbed Operation Riposte. Led by Lieutenant Commander Patel of the USS Buran, a Starfleet task force penetrated Priors World's orbit and began shooting down the shields of Zenith Stations one to three, then boarding them. The Klingon forces of House Mo'Kai regrouped for a counterattack at Apex Station. Starfleet eradicated the Klingon ships and, after escorting their own troop transports, besieged Apex Station to capture the DaSpu-class troop transports trying to escape the system.

Following the capture of General Aakar, son of Aakam, and his dreadnought, Priors World and its Zenith Stations were secure. (STO - Mirror of Discovery mission: "Operation Riposte")


Operation Riposte was available to Alpha Quadrant Alliance shipmasters as training scenario from 2410 onwards. (STO - Mirror of Discovery mission: "Operation Riposte")

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