Zenstala II was a planet in the Milky Way Galaxy's Alpha Quadrant, the second planet in the Zenstala star system, in or near the Taurus Reach. In the 2260s decade, Zenstala II was the site of a military outpost of the Tholian Assembly.


In the year 2265, one month after the destruction of the USS Bombay, a Klingon task force attacked and destroyed the planet's Tholian's military outpost. In response, the Tholians retaliated in like fashion against the Klingon holdings at Dorala and Korinar.

Commodore Diego Reyes of Starbase 47 Vanguard interrupted a diplomatic meeting between Ambassadors Jetanien, Lugok and Sesrene after he received word about the act from the Federation Council. Lugok considered the destruction "excellent", whereas Sesrene found the counterattack a "suitable response to Klingon aggression." As a result, both governments recalled their peace delegations. Jetanien's attempt to preserve the peace between the Klingons and Tholians was subsequently squashed. (VAN novel: Summon the Thunder)

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