Zeta Aurigae IV was the fourth planet in the Zeta Aurigae system. In early 2268 Starfleet Intelligence agents Bridget McLellan and Cervantes Quinn infiltrated a Klingon research facility located on Zeta Aurigae IV. Agent McLellan determined that the primary objective of capturing the facility and the Shedai Conduit wasn't possible since the estimated number of Klingons troops was four times larger than what was listed in the mission profile. So she sabotaged the main generator which took down the containment field releasing the Shedai Warden. The Warden then destroyed the compound and killing the remaining Klingons before escaping through the conduit.

Later the USS Endeavor arrived in orbit over Zeta Aurigae IV to find the destruction. The SI agents depart the Endeavour on the Dulcinea for their next assignment on Seudath. (VAN - Declassified novella: The Stars Look Down)

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