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Zeta Reticuli was a G class binary star with an associated system of planets located within Federation space near Andor in the galaxy's Beta Quadrant. The stars Zeta-1 Reticuli and Zeta-2 Reticuli are located 3,750 AUs apart.

History and specifics

The Zeta Reticuli system's orbit included at least five planets, including Zeta Reticuli A, Zeta Reticuli II, and Zeta Reticuli IV.

The weeper was native to Zeta Reticuli A. (ST reference: Worlds of the Federation, TOS reference: Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual)

10,000 years ago, an advanced alien species visited the system and provided Zeta Reticulans with the means of evacuating their dying world aboard a colony ship while leaving others in suspended animation. (TOS comic: "We Are Dying, Egypt, Dying!")

In the 2150s, a Starfleet space station orbited Zeta-2 Reticuli. (ENT - The Romulan War novel: Beneath the Raptor's Wing)

In 2274, while conducting the initial Federation exploration of one of the star's planets, the starship USS Enterprise destroyed an iron-rich meteoroid shower that would have decimated the surface of Zeta Reticuli II, then relocated its native population offworld. (TOS comic: "We Are Dying, Egypt, Dying!")

By 2276, the Zeta Reticuli Orbital Research Facility had been established within the system. Leonard McCoy intended to visit it, but was kidnapped en route by Romulans. (TOS - Rihannsu novel: The Romulan Way)

In the late 24th century, Federation laboratories were situated on Zeta Reticuli IV. (ST novel: Preserver)

System makeup

Zeta Reticuli binary stars Zeta-1 Reticuli and Zeta-2 Reticuli



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