Zetha was a young Romulan female, born in Ki Baratan on Romulus in the mid-24th century. She was abandoned as a child, but her cunning allowed her to survive in the slums and back alleys.

While still young, Zetha was taken by the Tal Shiar, trained as an operative, and remade into one of its deadliest weapons.

In 2360, Zetha was sent to Earth by Kimara Cretak, to the head of Starfleet Intelligence Admiral Nyota Uhura, and introduced herself with the code name Pandora's box. She was to help Uhura investigate and contain the spread of the deadly virus dubbed 'Catalyst' by Starfleet Command. To that end, she was part of a mission into the Romulan Neutral Zone aboard the freighter Albatross along with Lieutenant Benjamin Sisko, Lieutenant Tuvok and Doctor Selar. After the mission, Uhura gave Zetha the choice to return to Romulus and be reunited with her godmother, Aemetha, which she gladly did. (ST - The Lost Era novel: Catalyst of Sorrows)

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