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The Zhang Sui-type shuttlecraft was a Federation shuttlecraft in service from the turn of the 2270s decade.

Design history and specifications[]

Although not a fighter, the Zhang Sui-type was designed for combat operations and was very maneuverable. Among its designers was Hikaru Sulu, who was also part of the test team.

The shuttle's was 7.62 meters long, 4m wide, and 1.82m high. It was capable of accomodating six crew; the pilot who had a central seat in the cockpit, plus two rows of twin passenger seats in the main cabin, and a single seat at the rear mission specialist station. The shuttle was accessed via twin gull-wing doors, one on either side of the hull. (TOS reference: Phase II: The Lost Series; TOS novel: Ex Machina)

Known craft[]



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NCC-1701/9 was designed for Star Trek: Phase II by Joe Jennings under the direction of TOS art director and production designer Matt Jefferies. The colored image above was by illustrator John Eaves for the reference work Phase II: The Lost Series, by Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens.

Author Christopher L. Bennett introduced the Zhang Sui shuttle in his 2005 novel Ex Machina.