Zilder was a Bolian man in the 24th century, the captain of his own private shuttle, Culloden.

He was a strong believer in the Damiani religion that worships "Ho'nig."

In 2376, he was hired by the Nalori Republic for his shuttle to work at a subspace accelerator project on Sarindar. (SCE eBook: Invincible, Part One)

One of his last acts was ferrying Sonya Gomez to the surface of Sarindar. When Gomez met Zilder, she believed he was the only Bolian she had heard of having a belief in Ho'nig. Zilder was soon after killed by a the shii, a type of monster on the planet. Upon his death, he left his Se'rbeg, or the Damiani bible, to Sonya, hoping she could find her faith, and his craft was left to the Nalori. (SCE eBook: Invincible, Part Two)

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