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Ziranne Idaris was an unjoined female Trill born in 2342. She was the daughter of Kela Idaris, and the younger sister of Jadzia Dax. (DS9 episode: "Invasive Procedures")

In their youth, Ziranne and Jadzia were similar-looking enough to be mistaken for twins, and would often take classes for each other in school. Ziranne excelled in artistic endeavors, whereas her sister was more inclined toward math and sciences.

As an adult, Ziranne became a preschool teacher. In 2372, one of her students, Lyrrin, lost her grandfather, a joined Trill named Bethan Roa. While attempting to comfort the young girl, Ziranne discovered the Roa symbiont had gone missing. Investigating further, she discovered Roa being sold as a commodity to unjoined Trills. Though she never wished to be joined herself, Ziranne traveled to Shal Tul to be joined with Roa, with the intention of bringing it back to Caves of Mak'ala. (DS9 - The Lives of Dax short story: "Reflections"; DS9 novel: Trill: Unjoined)

Later that year, Ziranne sent Jadzia several glasses. Jadzia thought they were ugly and gave them to Quark to help him get his bar back in business. (DS9 episode: "Body Parts")

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