Zoe Querez was an alias used by a member of an unknown species in which she posed as a Human blogger.

In the year 2020, Querez stowed away aboard the USS Lewis & Clark in order to observe Human reactions to the shrinking of Saturn's storm. Initially, Querez was thrown in the airlock, which was set up as a temporary brig. As Shaun Christopher, the mission's commander, got to know Querez and the mission continued, he began giving her greater freedom and allowed her to explore the ship. Once the ship reached Saturn, Querez took a picture of the crew and then took notes during the crew's investigation. After Shaun Christopher and James T. Kirk switched minds (an event caused by Querez), she got very close to Kirk and eventually they became intimate. Also during this period, Querez was accused of starting a fire aboard ship and was thrown back into the airlock, though it was later revealed that Marcus O'Herlihy was responsible for the fire.

After the USS Enterprise travelled through time to retrieve Kirk, Querez helped the crew rescue Tera O'Herlihy from the Human Extinction League. Querez then revealed that she was also the woman known as Qat Zaldana and was, in fact, from an omnipotent race before she disappeared. (TOS novel: The Rings of Time)

It is likely, based on the way she changed forms and departed the Enterprise, that Querez/Zaldana was a member of the Q Continuum, though this is never confirmed. Her human names were inspired by the actress Zoe Saldana.
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