Zolan was a humanoid individual of an unspecified race who resided on Bajor in the 24th century. He was distinguished by rounded forehead structures and wide enlarged nostrils.

Prior to the year 2328, Zolan sold black market medical supplies in Korto City, some of which were unsafe for Bajoran use. These activities first brought Zolan to the attention of Korto City Watchman Proka Migdal. (DS9 novel: The Never-Ending Sacrifice)

In 2370, Zolan was on Deep Space 9 at the same time as Proka and his adopted Cardassian son, Rugal. Zolan told Doctor Julian Bashir that Proka was an abusive father, leading to an investigation resulting in Rugal's return to his biological father, Kotan Pa'Dar. (DS9 episode: "Cardassians")

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