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Zora was the name taken by the USS Discovery's computer following time travel from 2258 to 3189.


Following Discovery's encounter with a alien Sphere in 2257, the sphere's archive merged with the ship. After Discovery's jump from 2258 to 3189, the ship's computer began speaking with a new voice. It also provided Captain Saru with suggestions on how to help his crew cope with thier current situation. Zora was able to start movie night by showing Sherlock Jr. much to the enjoyment of the crew. (DSC episodes: "An Obol for Charon", "Forget Me Not")

Following Emerald Chain Minister Osyraa's hijacking of Discovery, her boarding party attempted to delete the sphere data. However, the data was able to transfer itself to several DOT-23s and aided Discovery's XO, Sylvia Tilly and bridge crew in retaking the ship. One of the DOT-23s were able to assist Lieutenant Joann Owosekun in disabling Discovery. After Discovery was retaken, the DOT-23 was repaired by Commander Jett Reno. Eventually, Reno was able to give Discovery's computer a new voice. It eventually renamed itself "Zora" from a word that meant "dawn" on Earth, Ni'Var, and Ba'ku. (DSC episodes: "That Hope Is You, Part 2", "Stormy Weather"; ST reference: The Star Trek Book)



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